Tenant? Here are some of your rights and obligations

Tenants who live in properties that are administered by a management company are entitled to expect a high level of quality service. Whilst rents should be collected regularly and efficiently, repairs and other problems should be attended to promptly, with the absolute minimum possible of disturbance to the house occupants.

Tenancies are normally arranged under the following circumstances:

Single properties for families
Single or multiple properties for shared lettings
Single room lets
Suitable accommodation for military personnel
Temporary accommodation for company relocation

There are usually certain criteria which must be met before letting can be agreed. These may include:

One) the principal tenant should be at least 18 years of age; many agents require an older age than this
two) at least one principal tenant must be in full-time employment, and likely to remain so throughout the period of the intended tenancy
Three) self-employed tenants would normally be expected to provide evidence of income, and often at least three years trading accounts
Four) principal tenants should be able to show an income of at least 2 1/2 times the annual rental value
Five) principal tenant should have no County Court judgements against them
Six) prospective tenants who are currently renting should be able to show a satisfactory rent payment record
Seven) tenant should preferably be non-smokers, or at least be prepared to smoke outside the property
Eight) pets should not be brought into the property without the express permission of the landlord
Nine) corporate tenants should be able to provide at least three years trading records, and satisfactory references from their accountants
10) tenant should not be claiming housing benefit or Social Security payments.

In order for the tenancy to progress satisfactorily, tenants do have certain obligations and responsibilities. These usually include the following:

The property should be used in a responsible manner, and kept clean, secured and properly insured
During winter months it should be heated at least sufficiently to prevent the possibility of pipe freezing and subsequent damage
Tenants should behave with consideration for the rights of neighbours to peace and quiet
Gardeners should be kept weed free and in good condition
Any damage to the property, whether this is as a result of negligence by the tenant or not, should be reported promptly to the letting agent.

Tenants are not normally responsible for fair wear and tear or damage due to factors beyond theircontrol, including for instance the effects of storm or tempest, unless this is specifically stipulated in the tenancy agreement.